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How can we help

Constructaplan Ltd will assist you to review or implement your business strategies in the form of:

Business Operating Plan

We will assist you to develop a true Business Operating Plan and review it on a regular basis (annually). The Business Operating Plan is the blueprint for your business. You wouldn’t walk over to an empty plot and just start nailing boards together if you wanted to build a house. Starting a business without a business operating plan is just as foolish. Yet, unlike a house, a business isn’t static. We often make the mistake of thinking of a business operating plan as a single, static document that you just put together when you’re first starting out and then set aside. In actuality, the Business Operating Plan for any business will change over time as the business develops, and any particular business should have multiple business operating plans as its objectives change.

Exit & Succession Plan

We will assist you to develop a true Exit & Succession Plan and review it on a regular basis (annually). Do you know how you are going to exit your business? You may have a dream of selling to the highest bidder, retiring and handing over your business legacy to your family. The truth is that many small and medium business owners have no Exit and Succession strategy for their businesses in the event of their disability, retirement, or death. Given the current economy, it isn’t surprising business owners focus their energies on business survival. Having an exit strategy not only means having a plan for the unexpected – including financial hardship, injury, disability and even death – it also means having a plan for the succession or transfer of ownership of your business when it comes time to retire. If you don’t have a documented plan yet but would like to leave your business when you are ready and on your terms, realize its maximum value, or see the business carry on successfully into the future in someone else’s hands then you need to prepare now for this eventuality.

Risk Management Plan

We will review your personal and business risk management plan and provide a statement of advice detailing any adjustments if required.

Estate Plan

We will discuss with you your estate plan and if necessary refer you to a Trustee company or your preferred legal representative. The Estate Plan is essential to complete much of the planning process. We view this area as vital to the success of your strategic plan.

Wealth Creation/Retirement Plan

We can assist you to look at your future in terms of selling your business. This may be well before retirement age or it could be at point of retirement. If your plan is based on wealth creation it could enable you to sell your existing business and start another business using the sale proceeds. If your plan is based on retirement savings we can refer you to the appropriate adviser to assist you to put a plan in place.

A Financial Adviser Disclosure Statement is available on request free of charge.