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Why plan your business strategically

A cynic once said “if you don’t plan you plan to fail”. That may be just a statement, however if your business is performing, how is it performing and is it performing to full capability or full capacity.

Are you operating the business at a level that is flat lining or are you looking at real growth.
Is the business operating without your control?
Where are you really going?
Do you wish to have the opportunity to sell your business?
Do you think you will get a fair price when you sell your business (if anything)?

There is an opportunity to take control of your business and operate it at full capacity and at full capability. It will not run itself.
The opportunity is called Strategic Business Planning and it is now often required for reasons of business credit worthiness (business loans) and the sale of a business.

Be aware that a true business plan should be written and reviewed regularly and without fail. This will recognise the dynamics of a business and its changing nature.

To summarise, you have the dreams, the goals and the pathways in your head. Strategic Planning is the process to put these thoughts into practice.

A Financial Adviser Disclosure Statement is available on request free of charge.